No Code Design System, UI Builder & Analytics

The end to end no code web content publishing platform built for every member of the marketing team

The true collaboration platform

A modular end to end digital production platform that brings together marketers, data analyists, designers and developers in one collaborative workspace, without mind boggling learning curves.

Design, Build, Publish Analyse & Optimise

xFlo brings together the core tools for fast production on the web, specifically created for designers, content managers, developers and analysts, all in one place.

Design System & Component Library

Designers & developers manage design system & code component libraries.

No Code Headless UI Builder & CMS

Build static pages in rapid time or hook up to any CMS or eCommerce platform.

Customer Journey Analytics

Drag & drop dashboard builder to measure performance on and off page.

Bring all the roles together.

Built for all of the team, all of the time, anywhere in the world


Full workflow transparency and true collaboration for office or remote teams all in one place

Web & Product

Build static pages and websites in a fraction of the time of traditonal development process and use in any CMS or application framework

Marketing / Media

Build landing pages and ad campaigns in minutes all in one place and measure performance all in one place.

Design & Development Harmony

xFlo Design System is built for developers and designers to create and manage code components with complete collaboration.

Online IDE

Easy-to-use apps for each team with no code

Design System Documentation

Work into custom hierarchies, fields and formulas

UI Component Library

Workflows with Tables, Boards, Timelines, Charts & more.

Loved by everyone in the team and beyond.

“I received great customer service from the specialists who helped me. I would recommend to anyone who wants great dashboard that has great quality”

James Welch

“It really boils down to this: that all life is interrelated. We are all caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied into a single garment of destiny”

Julia Armstrong
Application & Web Developer

“Really excited to see the progress that Fibery team are making on the product. There's a lot of potential with this one!”

Rosalie Morgan
Co-founder of Square Space

Build UIs & Pages Faaassstttttttt!!!!!!

xFlo UI Builder allows designers & content managers to build UIs and publish to the web with a simple drag and drop editor & full content management control.

Drag & drop page builder

Easy-to-use apps for each team with no code

Manage content directly on page

Work into custom hierarchies, fields and formulas

Use as a CMS or hook up your own

Workflows with Tables, Boards, Timelines, Charts & more.

Drag & Drop Analytics

An intuitive no code analytics platform for a 360º view of digital media and user experience in one place.

Drag & drop dashboard builder

Use pre built templates or build your own

Easily connect to 400+ data sources

Just authenticate and away you go

Fully managed data warehouse

Take control of your data sat in 3rd party platforms and enable Ai.

Creative freedom & precision engineering

Creatives love to create, and for developers it needs to work.. Blokx values both the same and the result is easy, flexible and faaaaaaaaasssssstttt!!

Freedom of No-Code

Let marketing and design teams freely iterate, experiment, and optimize. Build visually, publish instantly.

Free up developer resource

Plug into any codebase and free up developers to focus on code, not pixel-pushing.

It is Faaaaaasssssstttt!!

Create fast, beautiful, web experiences in record time and with less dependencies.

Resuable Components

Drag-and-drop existing web components from Nutron’s Design System.

Export your code

Download your creations as clean semantic Javascript code and use anywhere.

One Click And It’s Live

Deploy a complete hosted website or do updates with one click!

Made for Developers too.

Override anything with code. Extend states and behaviour with a CLI

Responsive Made Easy

Design you content to fit any screensize without doing things twice or thrice to get the result!