Revolutionise Your Customer Journey Analysis

Discover our no-code, AI-driven Customer Journey Analytics platform for data insights and optimised customer performance.

The true collaboration platform

A cutting-edge no-code analytics platform tailored for both B2B and B2C businesses. Streamline your data analysis process with an extensive range of features and tools, allowing you to optimise your customer journey and drive sales like never before.

Functionality designed for sales orientated marketing teams

Pre-built Dashboards

Pre-built Dashboards: Jumpstart your analytics with dashboards for major marketing, media, eCommerce, and CMS platforms

Customisable Dashboard Builder

Design bespoke dashboards tailored to your unique needs without any coding expertise.

Machine Learning & AI

Leverage powerful AI-driven insights and recommendations to optimise your customer journey and sales

Fully Control Your Data

Take control of your data from other platforms with our fully managed data warehouse.

Easily Connect To Your Data

You have access to hundreds of data connectors to build rich insights across all of your platforms, and if we don’t have the connector you need, we will happily build it for you.

Experience the Benefits

xFlo Analytics delivers a comprehensive solution to help businesses enhance their customer journey performance and sales

Enhanced Customer Journey Optimisation

Simplify tracking and analysis of customer journeys to improve decision making.

Real Time Results

Access management reports in real time with accuracy and saving time.

Greater Data Control

Achieve data sovereignty and make data-driven decisions based on precise insights.

Centralised Analytics

Consolidate analytics from multiple platforms for a comprehensive view of the customer journey.

Affordable & Scalable Pricing

xFlo Analytics provides a scalable pricing structure, including a freemium option for startups, with fees based on subscription, compute, and storage. As your business expands, we offer tailored solutions, custom data connectors, and specialized data sets.


Ready to go :
Google Analytics
Google Ads
Facebook Ads
/ User/Month
Data Limits Apply


Whats Included :
Everything in Starter
10 Dashboards
5 Users
Free Viewers
/ Month
Data Limits Apply


Whats Included :
Everything in Team
15 Dashboards
Custom Dashboard Builder
Account manager


/ Month
Data Limits Apply

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